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Something for kids

Kids love expressing their creativity with figurines, plates and bowls! We help them create their vision, even though they hardly need it! The imagination of children is endless!

Drop in for painting anytime, sign up for a skill workshop, or organize a party.

Average time for painting: 1,5-2 hours

Something for adults

Adults learn to relax by painting ceramics at MaluMika. They often think that painting skills are necessary, but it’s not true. Every adult can paint with the help of our techniques and tools.

Come with friends or join us after work or on the weekend, no reservation or prior skill necessary.

Average time for painting: 1,5-2 hours

Price List

How much do you pay for painting? It depends on you. In MaluMika, every form has a price which includes everything: painting, glazing and firing. You don’t pay extra for paint or for tools to paint, including most techniques. If you paint one form, you pay only for that form. If you paint three, you pay for three.

Prices generally depend on the size of the piece and their level of detail. For:

  • Figurines – the average price is 36 zł  (range: 25-70 zł)
  • Cups and mugs – the average price is 42 zł  (range: 33-60 zł)
  • Plates – the average price is 53 zł  (range: 26-90 zł)
  • Home décor – the average price is 50 zł  (range: 25-110 zł)
  • Bowls – the average price is 44 zł  (range: 28-110 zł)

Birthday parties

We organize birthday parties for children in MaluMika. During the party, children can paint ceramics - our standard offer - or make their own form from clay.

Learn more

See what parents have to say about our birthday parties!

Agnieszka: “Thank you so much for organizing a lovely birthday party for my daughter. A great place, nice atmosphere and a ton of fun! I sincerely recommend MaluMika.“

Krystian: “I recommend organizing birthday parties for children in MaluMika. Great service and excellent fun guaranteed :)”

Jacek: “If you’re looking for something different for your bundle of joy’s birthday party as well as for spending free time, I recommend it.”

Beata: “A wonderful place for developing your artistic interests … You can organize children’s birthday parties here, or meet with friends. You can also just come in and relax.”

Special occasion ceramics


Paint special forms – unique dishes, ornaments, eggs and more – for each season: fall, holiday, Christmas, Easter and spring. Seasonal ceramics appear between 1-2 months before the start of the season or holiday.

Handprints and foodprints:

Put a handprint or footprint on a piece for a special, lasting memory. Don’t limit yourself; hand- and footprints can be put on just about any form and made into other shapes!

Life events:

Make an unforgettable, useful and beautiful ceramic piece as a birthday, name day or wedding gift. With our selection of forms and the techniques, you’ll find something perfect for every occasion.

Bachelorette Parties

Creativity?  Check.   Wine?  Check.   Fun?  Check.

We create bachelorette party offers that will delight the bride and her crew. Pick just ceramics or add wine or catering as you like.

Start with ceramics – you only pay for what you paint. Example: 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 1 ringholder is just 300zl. If you have a bigger budget, choose bigger or more items. If you have a smaller budget, choose smaller or fewer items.

Add wine – 15 zł per person for a wine tasting with ‘Wine Not?’.

Bring snacks – You can bring food or order it in. Just let us know so we can prepare. We are happy to provide plates, cups, and silverware for your use.

Coffee, tea and non-alcoholic beverages are also on sale.

Company Team-Building Events

Get away from the office and get a different perspective. MaluMika provides a creative space to share ideas and relax while giving your team an opportunity to make something they can use.

Packages are designed to fit your budget and can be with or without catering.

  • Without catering – you pay only for the ceramics you paint plus a 50zł organizational fee for groups of 8 or more. You can set a limit per person.
  • With catering plus ceramics – we have three packages: 75zł, 95zł and 110zł, each with 50zł of ceramics and varying amounts and types of food and drink.

Please contact us for details at: kontakt@malumika.pl or 728 401 209.

School Groups

We are happy to open during the day (from 8am-3pm) for school groups!

Contact us to organize a field trip from your school at: kontakt@malumika.pl or 728 401 209. Group discounts available.

Gift vouchers

Gift certificates are available for purchase in the amount you choose. Give the gift of creativity with a gift from MaluMika! Drop in to pick yours up today.

MaluMika TO-GO

If our studio is too small for your event or you simply want to have an event off-site, we can provide the MaluMika experience to-go. Pick up an MM BOX, which includes paint, paintbrushes, palettes, and the ceramics of your choice. Take it to your house, paint and return the ceramics and materials for us to burn. The amount you pay depends on the amount you paint.

If you would like a coordinator to come to your site, we can provide that as well. Please contact us for details at kontakt@malumika.pl or 728 401 209

Other ideas for a party for adults or a party for children? Simply send us an email or call, and we’ll see what we can do!