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🎉 Birthdays in MaluMika 🎉

Watch your child bloom creatively with a birthday party at MaluMika!
We believe that a MaluMika birthday party is a great option for children from age 6 and up.

Birthday Party Offer
for groups of 8-16 kids

Birthday parties at MaluMika are two hours full of fun! What do you get with a birthday at MaluMika?

  • A 2-hour reservation in a private party room (with attendant) with one table for snacks and one table for parents
  • One ceramic form per child to paint
  • A short lesson about how to paint ceramics and support in doing it
  • Invitations
  • Juice and water
  • Plates, cups and silverware

You bring the cake, and we organize the rest.

How does the reservation work? Generally the first 1-1.5 hours are dedicated to learning to paint and painting ceramics. Then, it’s time for cake! If there’s still time left after cake, we go to the playground (if weather permits) or our amazing staff members organize games and fun inside for all party attendees. Please remember that partygoers don’t get their pieces at the end of the party. We still need to fire them. After firing, we pack everything from your party together for you to distribute at school.

The cost of organizing a party at MaluMika depends on two factors: the package chosen and the day of the week. The difference between the two packages is the size of the ceramic forms included. In one package, there are smaller figurines, cups and plates; in the other, there are large figurines, cups and plates. Every child can choose what they want to paint.

  • During the week (Mon-Fri) the price per child is 45 zł (Package 1) or 52 zł (Package 2).
  • On the weekends (Sat-Sun), the price per child is 50 zł (Package 1) or 57 zł (Package 2).

We also have coffee and tea for sale for parents who decide to stay during the party. We require that at least one parent stays the full length of the party. Other parents are welcome, but please keep in mind that we have limited space and must ask everyone to keep to the party room.

Children’s birthday parties on Saturday can start at 11 or at 15. On Sundays, they can start at 15. During the week, it can start any time from 15-19.

Parents who decide to paint during the birthday party receive a 5% discount on their ceramic pieces.

After reserving your date, please come to the studio to pick up invitations.

Pre-payments and deposits are not necessary.

What happens if your group is smaller than 8 people?
Birthdays as normal table reservation

We reserve you a table! This is an option dedicated exclusively to smaller groups or older children. The birthday parties in this option does not include additional entertainment (i.e. going to the playground or playing games after painting is finished).

The price depends only on the ceramic form chosen. Parents may set a budget for each child to stay under or we can still limit the forms to the Packages outlined above. These reserved parties can start anytime between 11 and 18 on weekends and between 15 and 19 during the week. The offer includes:

  • A short lesson about how to paint ceramics and support in doing it
  • Plates, cups and silverware
  • Invitations

For groups smaller than 8 children who still want to have a birthday party with additional entertainment (i.e. going to the playground or playing games after the painting is finished), the offer looks the same as for larger groups, above. The difference: Parents pay for 8 children (8 forms to paint). If there are only 4 children, each child could also paint 2 forms.

If you would like your party to include different forms than those available in the birthday sets, or you want to assemble your own set of forms for children to paint from those pieces available in the studio, we can oblige! In addition to the price of the ceramic forms chosen, we will add a 1-time fee of 80zł for groups smaller than 10 and 130 zł for groups of 11-16 children.

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