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Welcome to MaluMika!

By participating in workshops or individual painting sessions, you agree to these Regulations.

Our goal is to provide a friendly and creative atmosphere for all our guests.

1. Individual Reservations (1-4 persons):

Reservations for individual painting and workshops are required. Please make reservations at the studio, by phone, email, or Messenger. Each reservation is for a 2-hour session. If you need more time to finish your work, you can stay longer if there are no other reservations or take your work home and return at another time.

2. Group Reservations:

For groups of more than 4 people, reservations must be made at the studio, by phone, email, or Messenger, along with a deposit. For reservations for 10+ people, renting the entire room is required for the comfort of all customers. Each reservation is for a 2-hour session. Workshop and reservation deposits are refundable but will be forfeited if you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled time or fail to show up.

3. Painting:

The MaluMika staff will provide and clean the chosen ceramic forms from the shelf. Please wash your hands before painting. Dirty and/or greasy ceramics do not fire well.

4. After Painting:

After finishing painting, please return the tray with glazes to the staff and preliminarily wash your tools and water bowls, space permitting, or follow the staff's instructions.

5. Payments and Invoices:

Payment can be made by card, Blik, or cash after finishing painting. If an invoice is needed, inform the staff before starting the payment procedure.

6. Fired forms pickup:

Painted ceramics will be fired in about 10 days. Information about the pickup date is on the pickup slip given after painting. Current photos of fired forms are available on MaluMika's FB profile, allowing you to check if your forms are ready for pickup earlier. Fired forms are handed out by MaluMika staff during pickup. Forms not collected within 3 months will be donated to charities.

7. Use of Painted Ceramics:

Painted and fired forms from MaluMika can be washed in a dishwasher but are not suitable for use in a microwave.

8. Workshops for Organized Groups:

Ceramic workshops for schools, kindergartens, and companies are arranged individually through email: kontakt@malumika.pl. During workshops for educational institutions, teachers/supervisors actively ensure the safety and adherence to the Regulations by students. All painting must be completed during the workshop with no option to return on another day.

9. Birthday parties:

During birthday parties, all invited guests and hosts remain in the rented room. In the case of children's birthdays, parents are responsible for the safety of all participants and maintaining order. At least one parent/guardian must stay with the group of children. The MaluMika team is responsible for conducting workshops and assisting with painting but does not provide childcare. Birthdays last for 2 hours (duration of the party) - from entry to exit, with the possibility of extending room rental after prior agreement and payment. All artistic works must be completed during the workshop, with no option to return for completion.

10. Right to Photograph Artworks:

By using the Studio's services, each participant consents to photographing their works for promotional and advertising purposes and placement of them on social media platforms.

11. Workshop Rules:

  1. Running in the studio and touching other customers' fired pieces are prohibited.
  2. All customers must respect personal hygiene rules and mutual respect.
  3. Only forms molded, purchased, and painted at MaluMika are fired in the kilns.
  4. Food and drinks can only be brought into the workshop when renting the room.
  5. Reservations with wine are subject to additional charges, and availability should be confirmed in advance.
  6. Each painter is financially responsible for damages caused on the ceramic studio premises. In the case of minors, parents or guardians are responsible.
  7. Tools, instruments, and materials provided in the studio should be used according to their purpose and the instructions given by the instructor. Extra caution is required when working with sharp tools.
  8. Any accidents, hazards, damaged tools, and equipment must be reported immediately to MaluMika staff.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse participation in workshops or individual painting if there are doubts about the participant's compliance with safety rules.
  10. If children cry, run around, or behave loudly, parents/guardians must take them out of the studio until they calm down and are ready to return.
  11. Children under 12 years old cannot stay in the workshop without guardians, except during workshops where it is allowed.
  12. MaluMika ceramic studio is not responsible for any damages or health consequences resulting from non-compliance with the Studio Regulations or arising from the individual health condition of workshop participants.

12. Changes to the Regulations:

We reserve the right to amend these Regulations at any time.

Join us for ceramic painting.

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