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👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨 Team building events

It has long been known that art brings people together, which is why you should organize a team-building event at MaluMika, the first paint-your-own pottery studio in Wrocław! The idea is simple: You get to relax together while painting ceramics!

If you’re searching for a new or exciting way to bring your team together, look no further: MaluMika is the ideal place. We have built a creative, inspiring atmosphere that guarantees your team will be able to kick back and relax. Not only does MaluMika offer an opportunity to take a break from work, you also get something pretty and useful out of it, which you can use at home or at work.

After choosing your form, we lead a short course on painting techniques and the process of making ceramics. Then, it’s time to get to work designing and painting your piece. We help every step, as needed. After 7-10 days, during which we glaze and fire your pieces, you can pick up your works or we can send them to you.

Packages are adapted to your needs and your budget. You pay only for the painted forms and any drinks that you order in the studio (e.g. coffee, tea). We suggest you set an upper limit for every participant. If someone chooses a form which exceeds the limit, they can pay the difference.
Essentially, the cost of having an event would include:

  • the painted form,
  • drinks and snacks ordered while painting,
  • a service fee.

We issue invoices and you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfer.

We require confirmation of the final numbers of participants the day before for painting.

🍴 Catering options

Here you also set an upper limit for every participant, but we send you a menu from our partner restaurant to select catering options which suit your budget. We coordinate the order based on your requests. Our partner has both light snacks and warm dishes available. Catering orders must be confirmed 4 days before the event.

Add-ons to make your team-building event even better:

  • person for wine tasting,
  • coffee or tea from our machine,
  • delicious cakes from our cafe.

If you would like to bring your own drinks (alcoholic or not) or snacks, no problem! We provide cups and plates.

☎️ Contact

If you have any questions, an idea, or a different budget - or you’re simply ready to book, contact us at kontakt@malumika.pl or 728 401 209.

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